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Vintage Jewelry Online specializing in life’s pretty pleasures

Image of vintage jewelryI remember the day my sister gave me a reverse carved apple juice Bakelite bracelet for my birthday and I said, “What is this?” not believing she would give me a piece of plastic as a present. She said “It’s Bakelite, a very collectible and highly-valued form of plastic jewelry.”

From then on, I never looked back, becoming a serious collector and finally a seller of outstanding costume and estate jewelry, purses, perfumes, compacts, accessories and precious “lady” collectibles – items I think of as Pretty Pleasures.

In 1987 I started Pretty Pleasures, turning my love of jewelry into a business devoted to buying vintage and estate jewelry and collectibles and selling them in three antiques stores in New Hampshire. Vintage Jewelry Online grew out of Pretty Pleasures as a way to bring my collection to lovers of extraordinary jewelry and accessories across the globe. I am one of the largest sellers of Bakelite and plastic jewelry in this area. So if you like the world of plastics, check out my Bakelite and Plastics section.

I have a reputation for quality and service and look forward to finding you items you will love.

If you would like to be notified when I add new items, please email I’ll be happy to add you to our monthly newsletter, Vintage Jewelry Unleashed where we discuss tips, trends, designers and important information that will make you a more informed collector!

Please browse, enjoy yourself, and let me know how I can help you. Shelley

Easy to Find

Image of vintage jewelryIt is important to me that you find what you are looking for easily and at your own pace, so I give you options. You can search by the 2nd row categories of Costume Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Arts & Crafts/Deco Jewelry, Victorian/Edwardian Jewelry, or Accessories.

For the Quick Search, located on the top left of every page, you can type in a word or group of words and your personalized selection will appear on the next page.

Or if you care to perform an Advanced Search, where you can add more criteria to your search like price or era that is also available.

Lastly, to see the entire contents of my site simply put your cursor on Browse by Category and choose View All.

Happy hunting and let me know if you are looking for something you can’t find. I have a large inventory of jewelry. You can also register your items on The Wish List in the Contact Us section.

Always Buying

Image of vintage jewelryIf you are interested in selling any jewelry, please contact me or call 603-673-9004.

My contact information is:
Vintage Jewelry Online
PO Box 6056
Amherst, NH 03031

I pay fair prices for desirable pieces, and deal honestly with sellers.

My reputation is my livelihood.

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