Chic Laura Vogel New York Red & Black Glass Chandelier Deco Earrings


Dramatic Laura Vogel Clip On Shoulder Duster Runway Glass Deco Earrings

 1970-2000 Costume Jewelry
 4 1/4\” x 7/8\”
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These splendid large chic glass earrings are another fine example of Laura Vogel’s design skill and sense of style. Popular in the 1980’s her designs were bold and dramatic.

These clip on glass earrings are a great example of her sense of drama. The earrings have large red glass discs on the top from which a black and red bead suspends. A six-sided piece of pot metal is an additional sensational attraction and it comes complete with its own red center bead and three rectangular ones. Its a masterpiece of Deco design at its best.

The earrings are expertly crafted and signed Laura Vogel New York on the clip-on mechanism.

The earrings are 4 1/4” long by 7/8”in diameter at the top with the red disc and 1 ½” wide with the six-sided metal. The earrings are in excellent to vintage condition and guaranteed authentic vintage Laura Vogel.

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1970-2000 Costume Jewelry