Mid-Century Tortoise Shell Snake Motif Bracelet & Earrings


 1800-1901 Victorian
 6 1/4″ x 1 3/4″; 2 1/8″ 5/8″
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Natural Tortoise Bracelet & Earrings

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Natural tortoise shell is one of nature’s most beautiful organic materials and for those who love it and collect it, you are constantly on the look out for early pieces. And the fact that this one emulates the snake, a tribute to the never -ending circle of life, makes this really desirable. It has been matched up with a pair of dangling tortoise shell earrings circa 1900.

The bracelet wraps around and the “head and tail” rest on the upper wrist so the motif becomes very real and vital. This beautiful bracelet is a deep brown with great coloration and gets slightly more patterned at the two ends. There are a few nibbles in the tortoise as well as carving marks at the ends.

The tortoise shell earrings are also hand carved and hang beautifully. The pattern is very similar to the bracelet with the coloration matching well and blending beautifully together as a set. The earrings are set with more modern gold- filled wires that of course can be easily changed to gold or sterling.

The bracelet will fit up to a 6 1/4” wrist, is 1 3/4” wide in the front and tapering to almost ¾” in the back. It opens slightly to fit your wrist through on an angle or if you have a small hand, it can slip over it. The matching earrings are 2 1/8” long by 5/8” wide, tapering towards both ends. All pieces are in excellent vintage condition , even with the few nibbles and guaranteed vintage tortoise shell.

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1800-1901 Victorian